Monday, November 19, 2007

Get This

These beautiful cable knit gloves are now 30% off at Enzo Angiolini. For $21 you get a pair of long, soft gloves that will help keep you warm even in your chic bracelet-sleeved coat.

Don't let the man-hand picture scare you; look closely at the knit. It's distinctive and pretty. And they come in different colors and have matching hats, but sorry, no grey hats left to buy.

Best, while you're at Enzo, you can check out the boots and scarves that are also 30% off. Riding boots are now $165 and under, down from over $200.

And back to winter coats: This Zara sweetie is just about the most perfect coat I’ve seen all year and it’s around $129. Hurry up and snatch it up as it’s not going to last long. Erica happened to be wearing just the right boot, so she tore off those tags and wore it out of the store. Smart girl. Note the kicky back pleat and the clean retro styling.

I know, her boots are awesome. They are Miss Sixty and Erica did not buy them in the district but I'm going to see if Macy's carries the Italian Miss boots (we know they carry their coats). Her stockings are also just the right weight and color, which shows you don't always have to go fully opaque or black for this winter's look. I'm lucky my model has such impeccable taste.

Enzo Angiolini, Manhattan Mall level 2, 33rd St. & 6th Ave, 212-695-8903

Zara, 39 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Aves, 212-868-6551


Anonymous said...

Love the boots and the jacket! Let us know if we can buy the boots at Macy's!