Monday, November 26, 2007

Fringe, Coins, and Toeless Socks

Finally, I see a Balenciaga-esque scarf at Zara today. Good news? It's $29. Bad news? It doesn't look much like the Balenciaga. It's more "Balenciaga-inspired," with the fake gold coins, a little fringe and the bright sparkly thread. More bad news? It's kind of passe already. Even though technically that scarf was shown for fall '07, all those damn models have been wearing it since spring '07, making this season's must-have scarf very last season. And they probably got it for free, too. Oh, well, there's an exotic pink scarf ($29) and a lovely print scarf that's Zara Limited Collection and is $79.

So how long am I going to have to wait to find Prada-inspired toeless knee socks? I'm talking about these, the ones every fashion editor put in every fall spread:

I've heard Nine West may have something similar, so I'll check the 9W in Manhattan Mall this week. I'd be happy with just the toeless shape, because as great as the dual tones are I suspect they could be a little difficult to integrate into one's wardrobe. Unless you've got that Prada feather coat lying around.

Zara, 39 W. 34th St between 5th & 6th, 212-868-6551

Nine West, Manhattan Mall, level 2, 6th Ave & 33rd St, 212-564-0063


Anonymous said...

Any luck finding the toeless socks at Nine West? I've been meaning to go to one of their stores to try to get a pair, but I'm a little worried since I don't live in NYC and I'm afraid that they might only be in select stores or cities. They're not available through the website either.
I hope they have the color blocking, but I'd probably get them even if they don't.

I know the Balenciaga-esque Zara scarf you're talking about. I was really excited when I saw it because I want the Balenciaga one so badly, but I've got zero chance of getting it. I got the one at Zara and I absolutely love it. I've worn it so much lately; I've only opted for another scarf once so far this season.
My only slight complaint is that the coins can be a bit cold if they touch the skin, but in general they don't.

Tricia said...

I went to 9W this week and they had no stockings, but perhaps one close to you is bigger and has more stock? I'd check online, too. I just can't believe no one's knocked off this sock!
And congratulations on the scarf, you've convinced me to pick it up. Ha, funny about the coins! More sacrifice for fashion...

Tricia said...

Well, it's Saturday, I'm sleepy, and I see you did check online! Hmm, maybe this 9W toeless sock was just a fashion blog rumor. I'll keep looking. I think Macy's is next.I did see a fashion editor has a Prada pair on EBay for over $200, more than what they retailed for. I'm going to check the luxury hosiery stores here in nyc and see if they have anything similar.