Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hold Them Up

There is a bright side to the incessant rain we're enduring this holiday week: inclement weather=opportunity to accessorize in exciting new ways. A great example is the umbrella holster Jeffrey showed me last week:

I admit that before he tried this on, I feared "cell phone belt-clip syndrome," which occurs when something handy yet horrible looking is appropriated on the street. Luckily, guys, this holster is practical and sexy. It looks good from every angle. Jeffrey got this Totes umbrella ($25) at Macy's Herald Square.

And because the weather isn't so great, there might not be such a crush at the last day of the Gianfranco Ferre sample sale at Soiffer Haskin. Prices will be way reduced as it's last call for Ferre at non-Ferre prices.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th Ave, 212-695-4400

Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd just west of 8th Ave, 718-747-1656