Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stella in Gap Herald Square

Yesterday I visited the Stella McCartney for GapKids at Gap Herald Square. Above is a selection of some looks available in the Herald Square store, and below are some of my picks. I love the collection, especially as a lot of it is unisex. Baby Herald wears a lot of her nephew's hand-me-downs, so we're already wearing unisex.

For those of you shopping for your petite selves, I still saw some XXL's, so run quick to Herald Square and check them out. But if I was fantasy shopping for Baby Herald, I'd stock up on the below:

Here is perhaps the cutest espadrille ever ($40).

See the blue blouse with nautical-like stripes? Can't find it online.

Two items I want: check jacket, $68, and butterfly sweater, $58.

I just told a co-worker to get this for a baby shower: the dinosaur unzips and there are superhero pajamas (? or top+bottom) inside. I've got three nephews under the age of 8, anything dinosaur-designed is a big hit. I would also get the striped one-piece ($48), it's drop-crotch!

What I got Baby Herald: sneakers, below, from last season, on sale for $12.95. On the right are the sneakers for this season.

From what I hear, the anchor sweaters and the crochet dress are going fast. Also, the superhero T for the boys. Again, if you're interested in those items, I'd get to Gap Herald Square before the weekend crowds descend on Midtown Manhattan.

Gap Herald Square, 34th Street & Broadway


Kati said...

Love the baby high-tops.

Tricia said...

LOVE the baby hi-tops! Like last season's better, too, I lucked out, they were the last pair.

39th and Broadway said...

Oooh too cute! Makes me want babies (almost)!

We need a baby FH fashion show!

Butterflydiary said...

The crochet dress is absolutely TDF!!