Monday, April 5, 2010

Studs and Mamas

Jeff picked up this shirt ($29.95) last week at H&M, and I love it. If red plaid doesn't say "studly" I'll eat his shirt. Well, I won't eat it but I may at least pick one up for myself. I'm a big fan of plaid, especially as my husband's plaid shirts were my go-to comfort shirts during pregnancy. FH readers know my favorite maternity wear was H&M Mama, so it's not surprising that I still visit the Mama section at the Herald Square store on occasion. For old (huge belly) time's sake.

Get it at H&M Mama Herald Square (H&M Mama is now on the 3rd floor next to the baby & kid's section)

If you've got a pregger pal, this is a brilliant starter gift ($29.95). I'll admit that I still now, yes six months post-delivery, pull out the H&M Mama leggings. And to have the long tank and the band to cover the belly is key. H&M Mama prices also make it possible to buy several maternity pieces, trendy and classic, without worrying about the cost for what is, essentially, temporary clothing. Unless, of course, you can't retire the leggings.

Trendy Mama, classic Mama.

H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th Avenue
H&M 34th & 7th Avenue


WendyB said...

Hmmm...a plaid shirt with a little mustard on it could be delicious!

SKL said...

wearing my Gap maternity leggings today. Did you notice? :)

Tricia said...

Wendy - red plaid makes me crave pancakes! maybe it's the whole outdoors/log cabin feel.
SKL - how could I miss that?! did you notice I was wearing the maternity jeans you gave me?

Make Do Style said...

Nice shirt and yes H&M mama range is brilliant.

SKL said...

I didn't, but I did think that your pants were cute! Ha!