Monday, April 19, 2010

Collection Eighteen Trend Book for Spring: Wild Thing Goes to Marrakech

Collection Eighteen is a fashion-accessory company located just outside of the 34th Street district. Visit Collection Eighteen for more information on this leader in the fashion accessory industry.

Now you're really in the mood to do some spring shopping, because it's sunny and 60+ degrees all week long and you're madly rummaging through the closet for appropriate spring attire. So I reconnected with Collection Eighteen to post up their trend books for spring and summer. I find it helpful to remind me what looks, trends, and colors are in this season, as for me they tend to all get lumped into, for example, one big stud/chain/feather trend...

Today we'll do their Wild Thing and Marrakech books. Seems about right that the Wild Thing would be making a trip to Marrakech. Click images to enlarge.

The colors y'all will be wearing this year during our warm seasons:

The looks:

Tomorrow I'll continue with more Collection Eighteen look book collages and colors. I love a look book, it's like an old-school Polyvore.


39th and Broadway said...

OMG Fantastic post. I love this! Trend books and color direction are so fun. Now can you get them to let you publish their 2011 direction? That would be gold.

Make Do Style said...

V interesting - I love every take on all things trends!