Wednesday, April 27, 2011

H&M's Conscious Collection

Forgive me. Buildings in NYC still hadn't turned on their a/c the other day, and all of a sudden it was almost 80 degrees. I was too tired and steamy to remove my black stockings and shoes while trying on H&M's Conscious Collection. And perhaps I was subconsciously rebelling against all the white.

Jacket is $49.95, tank is $7.95, scalloped shorts I'm not sure!
I am a devoted black-wearing girl. But this collection has helped convert me a little. The boyfriend blazer (above) totally converted me.The dresses didn't hurt either.

The prices are great on this collection. Many are just $17.95 or $19.95, and lovely long maxi skirts run $19.95 and less. The lace, 70's bridal-looking dress in the middle is $49.95. And really, I'm always pleased when I can wear my black leather Chucks with almost anything...

H&M 34th Street & 7th Avenue
H&M Herald Square 34th Street & 6th Avenue


Cammila said...

You should stray from black more -- you look great. :)

Anonymous said...

Those dresses ALL look amazing on you. But then, I'm convinced you could put on a Barney costume and look utterly elegant.

Jill said...

I'm coming to NYC in the Fall...can't wait to visit H&M!!