Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucky Magazine Picks at H&M 34th Street

Once my soon-to-be husband was talking shop with the singer of a band after his awesome show, when the singer turned to me and asked "What band are you in?" I replied "Oh, I'm not in a band, I just look like I'm in a band." Call me unambitious, or a poseur, or vain, I don't care, because after that moment I was like "Thank you, good night!" And whenever I feel like I'm not looking like myself, I call my hair stylist and say "I need to look like I'm in a band again."

Then I go to H&M and try on black skinny jeans and feel like myself again. But the other day I stuck to the Lucky Picks (navy skinny jeans, above, $24.95), curious to see what Lucky Magazine likes at H&M for fall. All pictured are Lucky picks except for the beaded skirt (above, $59.95), but it does fall under the "embellishment" category in the Lucky and H&M trend report

On the way out of H&M at Seventh and 34th Street, be sure to stop by the Divided section on the first floor, Seventh Avenue side, as the Lucky picks in that department were looking so cute I was kicking myself that I missed them. Usually I also make a stop in Divided to pick up a trendy little gem, but that day I had to run to Party City for, naturally, a party banner. More on that later...

Lucky Picks:  peach blouse with studded collar, $29.95, peplum blouse $17.95, shiny gold top $24.95, green skirt $24.95.

H&M Penn Station 
435 Seventh Avenue at 34th Street