Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post #Sandy 34th Street Update

Hurricane Sandy is finally gone but the damage assessment in New York City has just begun. Our thoughts are with all of those affected and suffering from this devastating hurricane.

Fashion Herald is all about 34th Street shopping, thus the next few days we'll be talking here about store openings, closings, etc. I'm gleaning news about Midtown from Twitter and Facebook as I'm currently stranded in Queens. Macy's Herald Square was said to reopen today, but last I heard on Twitter it was still closed. Most stores on 34th Street were closed today, although I was told the Duane Reade on 35th and Sixth is open. With the subway remaining closed for at least the next couple of days, I can't imagine how retailers will be opening this week, but other stores throughout the city have already opened today.

I'll post up store re-openings as I get news from Manhattan colleagues and 34th Street residents, including @BeeingMissStar and Intern Craig. Thank-you, Intern Craig, for letting me know our trees and planters were all in good shape this morning after #Sandy winds. And thanks, @BeeingMissStar, for confirming that Duane Reade was open and not much else, and telling me that "there are a shocking number of people out and about in midtown."

I've gotten a lot of responses from personal Twitter accounts, and not much from corporate retail accounts. This is not surprising, considering that New York City is one small part of international and national retailer markets, but it does make me long for local store accounts. Racked New York has reported on store openings, so cheers to local news outlets, not to mention the stellar coverage of #Sandy by local news stations and reporters on Twitter. 

Instead of a shot of flooded streets, I'll end with a photo of our 34th Street pumpkin installation at the tip of Herald Square Park (Herald and Greeley Square Parks are still closed). Talk about seriously resilient gourds and hay.

Photo courtesy of flankedbybirds Instagram

I hope everyone in New York City and surrounding areas has power and water soon. Take care, all, and if you're in need of a hotel with power, check out our list of hotels in the 34th Street district, many of which are north of the outage.