Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Socialista New York & Kensie Jewelry

Just before Fashion Week, I was invited to Socialista New York's first Chamgpagning #DateChat event at RSVP Restaurant and Bar. It was the perfect venue and event for some pre-fashion week socializing. And it's where I discovered that Kensie now has fabulous jewelry:

These pieces are right up my alley: lots of metal with an art-deco feel, so very  NYC. I'm looking for it at Macy's Herald Square, where stylish, budget-minded girls can find the Kensie clothing line. Check out Kensie's Spring '13 collection on Fashionista New York Girl.

And the event itself? Champagne and a Socialista party with Amy of Midtown Girl can only equal fun! Also, there was a #DateChat game, and I'm a total sucker for party games.

It goes down so easy. Thanks, Champagning NYC!
Me and John Simon,  Host Amy (in a fabulous leather dress) and John.

How I wore my Kensie bracelet all through New York Fashion Week: with studs.