Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wool Uncovered in Bryant Park

The Campaign for Wool U.S. launch in Bryant Park last week was all over the news, because how often does a city-dweller see sheep in Midtown Manhattan?

I was only a little disappointed that there were no herding dogs chasing sheep around the lawn, namely because I was instead highly entertained at the Fashion Panel that featured Nick Sullivan of Esquire, Timo Weiland's Alan Eckstein, Line Knitwear's John Muscat, and a guy knitting in the front row.

The panel in front of the wool fountain...
...and the devoted knitter. 

Live knitting, expert panel, and wool fountain: that's just how cool wool is. And talking about cool, the panel discussed, among other things, recent advances in wool technologies, including wool coats woven so dense that they repel water. Wool is like the Superman of fabric. It also makes a beautiful bistro chair cover.

Love. Be sure to thank the sheep and the non-profit Campaign for Wool the next time you're looking fabulous in a wool jacket, suit, or scarf. Or the next time you're running across your gorgeous wool rug.