Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The New Victoria's Secret Herald Square

The Victoria's Secret Herald Square flagship officially re-opened today, and it's beautiful. Welcome back to Herald Square, Victoria's Secret. Your makeover is a gorgeous retail homage to lingerie.

Perhaps the biggest story here, besides the obvious lingerie-mecca angle, is in the beauty departments. Each floor has a beauty boutique (first floor cosmetics, body on lower level, and more on two), and the real estate at the entrance on the main floor is all about fragrance. But let's take a little tour:

Pink has its own entrance on 34th Street (above, right). Go to the lower level and enter the Pink world of merchandise. You'll also find the Sport collection and Body by Victoria beauty products.

The main floor is fragrance, cosmetics, and what looks to be more of the collection and high-end lingerie. Here you'll also find the Angel costume displays.

Upstairs is bra and panty land, with a floor full of basics and more. There's also a display of New York City-branded Victoria's Secret merchandise.

On your way up and down the escalators from one to two, you'll view photos of Angels, and at the bottom of the escalators is a huge video screen. Videos are displayed throughout the store, but this one is truly impressive. You're going to see a lot of the Angels at Herald Square.

The store was packed today with shoppers, staff, and tourists taking photos in front of VS displays. Yes, I think Herald Square has another retail tourist destination! With the new Gap, the renovation of Macy's Herald Square, and the new Victoria's Secret, almost all four corners of Herald Square will be shiny new. Perhaps Herald Center on the southwest corner will be next? Hmmm...

Victoria's Secret Herald Square
Re-opened today at 1328 Broadway