Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just a Notion

Isn't it the little things in life that truly make you happy? You know, like belts, scarves, and sweet, shiny objects we like to call "jewelry." We'll scour the district weekly and stay on the hunt for the odd bits and notions that keep you looking less sedate and more Kate (you know, the fashion icon that launched a skull revolution).

This week Manhattan Mall is our source for perfect little nothings. Go mad for the plaid cap (right) and adopt that whole hunting look you love for fall. And do it for $9.50 at Wet Seal on the second level.

For some beautiful scarves (around $48), visit Enzo Angiolini on level 2. And although a good knockoff for the hot Balenciaga scarf for fall is tough to find, here's one from Wet Seal that incorporates similar colors. On Racquel, left, for $10.50.

Wet Seal also has big chunky necklaces on sale now for $3.99, (black one on Sarah at right) and a hot pink necktie. Wear it traditional or more "je ne sais quoi," (near left, $6.50). It'll be rocked by, well, a hot rock chick. Very '80's redux.

And there's no more ignoring the sock. It's even getting layered, so buy different colored argyles, polka dots and stripes because they're 3 for $9 at Afaze on the ground level. Another deal is the Sweet by Amanda Bynes belts at Steve and Barry's (level 2). They cost only $5.98. Buy this round-buckle version with studs.

Check in again soon for more Manhattan Mall discoveries.

Manhattan Mall, 100 W. 33rd at 6th Avenue, 212-465-0500


What I Didn't Say... said...

Speaking of chunky necklaces, there was a good little feature on about a 12 year old jewelry designer.Her name is Kelly Alexandra - Gorgeous necklaces!