Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wide Legs and All, Cycle 3

The search goes on…

H&M is the destination for fashionistas trawling on the cheap. Full of stylish hits and the curious trend (see pic on left, love this orange wool thing and yet don't really know what it is), H&M never bores. Some swear by the jeans, none of which can be found on the first floor. But there is a pretty dark green suede makeup bag ($6.90), a beautiful white-fringed scarf ($9-ish), sweater coats for around $60, and a sales rack with brightly printed tops and long striped tanks, perfect for 90 degree October days.

The second floor yields some jeans, but not quite what we’re looking for. There are some wide legs, but the zipper features are too much ‘80’s hardware for the office. The Dior-like black satin ankle boots should be snatched up for $34.90 (unless you’re a size 9, which is sadly sold out), and the sales rack has lots of bright geometric prints that harken spring 2008. With this weather, you could be wearing these for turkey dinner instead of packing them away for next season. Also, there are loads of basic T’s for $7.90 and up. Make them interesting with this cropped, bunny-print cardigan that looks early Gwen Stefani.

Disappointing jeans-wise, but H&M always has something you need. Like the big ’70’s hat that walked right off Michael Kors’ runway. For $9.90 it’s modern retro, especially with a sweater coat, bright tights/leggings, and those “Dior” boots. Yes, leggings, very last season but they’re still practical and they’re still out on the street.

H&M Herald Square, 1328 Broadway @ 34th St, 646-473-1165


sjt said...

H & M men's section is nice too. Good looking and well fitting jackets and blazers. The prices at the 34th Street H & M's seem considerably less than other locations in Manhattan.