Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shopping with KT

What’s so great about shopping with friends? Well, for one you get good copy. The Herald took co-worker “KT” to Steve and Barry’s in Manhattan Mall for some Bitten shopping.* Sarah Jessica Parker’s line is huge, inexpensive (nothing over $19.98), and nicely styled. We started with pants.

Women are always looking for “good pants for work.” KT grabbed a pair of dark blue wide leg chinos because she’s looking for “good pants for work.” I tried the high rise slender chinos because I really need, you know, “good pants for work.” Let’s go to the tape:

(KT) “I like them because they’re comfortable & long, [right]; the waistband isn’t tight.”
(FH) “Damn, the 8’s are small [left], and the 10’s are too baggy in the ass.”
(KT) “Mine too, but they’re just for the office and they’re $14.98.”

Voila, KT! Yes, $14.98 generally does not equal couture fit. Upon further examination, KT decided they’re too “crotchy” (this girl never stops). She’s right too, they bag all up in that area. Hmm, wonder if that'll come out in the wash?

Next up, Bitten coats. On the navy pea coat:

(KT) “This is a perfect coat to wear to a bar, toss in a corner, and not worry about all night long.”

Bravo KT! Copy like that could sell thousands of peacoats to young city girls. Pony up, SJP, because they’re so cheap ($19.98) that spilt beer, sticky fingers, and drunk girls taking home your cute coat is no big tragedy.

What KT bought:
Black gathered neck short-sleeve top for $7.98 (see above right)
“bar-able” coat for $19.98 (right, on KT)

*Project Bitten goal: Coerce the women in the FH office to buy Bitten and get blogged. The line is vast, impressive, and CHEAP. Nothing’s over $20. Return for can’t miss pieces that women of all shapes/ages can wear. Feel free to email fashionherald your Bitten opinion.

Steve and Barry's, Manhattan Mall, Level 2, 100 W. 33rd at 6th Avenue