Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wide Legs and All

Skinny jean devotees avoiding the wide-leg look? Delay no longer, as the quest for wide-legs begins. The mission? Find an office-worthy pair that will fit great, look great, and not require multiple credit card payments.

Start at the Gap on the corner of 34th & Sixth and go left downstairs. Be strong and don’t dally with the cute, cuffed skinny jeans, or linger with the $99 cropped black wool jacket perfect for fall (wear it indoors and out). No, you must focus instead on the trouser-cut dark blue wide-legs. Go long, as those hems should be dusting the floor behind you. Highwater and wide-leg should never mix.

Gap has improved their jeans. The cotton is good quality, feels slightly stiff, and is a nice fall/winter weight . The blue is almost dark enough (darker would be better for the office), and the fit is true for those with normal inseams. Sadly, even with the tall cut, long-legged girls must pass as they need another ½ inch minimum for ideal length. Note the picture above; those jeans aren't quite touching the floor.

But no Gap trip is ever for naught. Hit the sale racks, source of inexpensive T’s perfect for underpinnings or gymwear. And don’t miss the new items like the European Collection blue jersey dress. It’s a no-brainer piece high in style and ease of wear. Sleep late, throw it on over jeans and leggings, and go. It’s hard to spend $46 so well these days.

Mission statement: Jeans are a maybe but the sale items and new pieces are a must.

What I bought:
sleeveless gray T for the gym, $6
striped sailor hoodie, beat it up and take it on your beach vacation, $15
sleeveless white tunic for next summer or more hot fall days, $3.79

What I’m going back for:
3 for $18 knee-high socks hanging by the registers, hard to resist
European Collection button-front blue jersey dress, wear it to work, $46

Gap, 60 West 34th Street, 212-760-1268