Monday, October 22, 2007

Ooo La Scary

Certainly all us girls want to be for Halloween is a fairy princess, right? Um, not exactly. As anyone who’s been out on October 31st in New York City knows, Halloween is the big excuse to dress super sexy. Unfortunately, this usually means about 3 million French maids partying around the island. So please, pack away the feather duster and visit Manhattan Mall where you can pick up a very trampy costume (and I’m not talking hobos).

A New York Halloween standby, Ricky’s, has a temporary costume mega-store on the second floor. Horror masks, vampira wigs, and every kind of sexy costume your significant other can imagine are all at Ricky's. There’s the classic “sexy schoolgirl” ($54.99) or the updated “boarding schoolgirl” which is, of course, more expensive ($62.99). The “vixen pirate wench” ($67.99) should be popular this year, and don't miss "border babe" ($57.99, right), my personal favorite. Check out the binoculars, truly scary.

Afaze on the street level at Manhattan Mall also has a wall full of slinky costumes that run about $50.00. These include the sexy policewoman (left, she should hang with "border babe"), the sexy nurse (an acceptable classic), and the sexy bumblebee (right), stinger, wings and all. Odd but very cute.

What else does the Herald recommend for this costumed night? A very long coat to cover you up as you tramp your way home or hail a cab. A safe and sexy holiday to all.

Manhattan Mall, 100 W. 33rd at 6th Avenue, 212-465-0500