Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wide Legs and All, Day 2

The search for wide-leg jeans continues…

The Forever 21 shopping experience: mind boggling, full of throbbing dance music, and awe-inspiring. By the time it’s over you’ll be forever grateful this store exists. Or you'll be in a music-induced trance.

Look for jeans on the first floor and get distracted by Exciting Find #1: the anorak. Last season’s runway trend is here, hanging on a mannequin above the denim. It’s probably not waterproof and the snaps are difficult to open but who cares, it’s $24.50. Best of all, it’s really a “faux-orak” because those ornery snaps are cleverly hidden. This means you get the pullover look without the pullover hair-messing and lipstick-smearing.

And the jeans? Great for 20-somethings but definitely not office appropriate. Longer in the inseam than Gap jeans, but not as high quality, these are great trend fillers. So for $29.80 they can be painlessly replaced in 6 months with the next great thing.

If you’re not buying these, consider Exciting Find #2 and some others:

short black moccasin boots. Hippy meets hip for $24.80. Look for them on the 1st or 2nd floor under clothing racks. Love them all winter and freeze for fashion;

royal blue cotton blend sweater, $17.80, first floor. Get a jump on spring’s color obsession with this standout hue;

men’s white T-shirt, 2nd floor. These long-sleeved T’s ($7.00) are simple and sexy. Pick one up for your guy but caution, they’re fitted. Only gym related 6 packs allowed;

gray belt, $8.80, 2nd floor. Insta-cool your basics with the color of the moment.

Forever 21, 50 West 34th between 5th and 6th, 212-564-2346


Xmastime said...

"Insta Cool"....holy shit; SOMEbody found out my high school nickname??!!! what the f??!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Fashion Herald -

I loved those boots so much that I went and purchased them. The only problem is that I like to wear them with my skinny jeans too. Should boots be worn on the inside or outside of my pant leg - what's in?

Jasmine Slate

Tricia said...

Jasmine, girl, wear those boots on the outside and show off that fringe! Perfect with a skinny jean.