Monday, October 15, 2007

Last Call for Wide Legs and All

Revel in the bounty of The World’s Largest Store. One of the many beauties of the department store experience is selection of style and price. Macy’s Herald Square is a shopping cure-all and the perfect happy ending to our wide leg story. Naturally the jeans options are vast.

Put your blinders on and ignore the purses on the first floor. Ride up the escalator to “Misses Better Sportswear” on two. Yes, “misses,” it’s very retro like hats, matching gloves and shoulder pads. Skip floor three as jeans are scarce, and hit four if you’re shopping for your younger sister, teenage daughter, or can’t resist the warm pretzel aroma.

DKNY on the second floor has a pair of black wide-legs ($128) with a pretty satin waist band and back pocket detail, heavy denim, and a great fit (see left). INC has a pair with super wide legs and a big cuff for $69, but the waist doesn't give much. The Calvin Klein's are unremarkable. Now run to the other (east) side of the second floor and find the new favorite, Level 99. These handcrafted LA jeans have: real wide legs, a strong standout pleat (love the pleat this year), and length to the floor and beyond. Good luck choosing, you may end up with two if you can splurge. Most styles run $118. Get the dark 5 pocket for work (near right) and for the weekend the lighter blue that feel like an old pair of Levi’s and have the cute back pockets (far right). You’ll want to wear them home.

Honorable mention: Joe’s Jeans “Rocker” at Meridian. One of my favorite brands, these jeans are so great you should never let them out of your sight. The “Rocker” is ridiculously long, the fit is superior and they are so comfy you could sleep in them. Visit Meridian soon as they’re on sale for $118 and sizes are limited.

Macy’s Herald Square, 151 W. 34th between Broadway and 7th Avenue
Meridian, 977 6th Avenue between 34th and 35th, 212-279-4445