Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cape Town

It wasn’t so long ago that the word “cape” conjured up visions of vampires, flamboyent male fashion editors, 70's era Elvis, or ancient family photos involving gloves, hats, and matching outfits. But now “cape” is a stylish trend and the Gap has one well worth $78 (far left, on me, and then the official version). Technically this is a poncho (last season's word) or "capelet" (this season's word). The cut is perfect, the wool is heavy and it has cute pockets. I spotted one walking down 5th Avenue just the other day looking smashing (one always feels a little British when discussing capes).

And check out this ivory wrap found in the GapBody section, also $78. GapBody’s line of loungewear makes me want to stoke up the fireplace (if I had one), don their soft twin sets, and lie around all day with cat on lap eating bon bons. If you're properly dressed no one can call you "couch potato;" instead you're "entertaining at home." But this elegant shawl can also be taken off the couch and let loose on the town. Isn't it easy?

Gap, 60 West 34th Street, 212-760-1268