Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Esprit Still Talks to Me

I think this really says Esprit:

This, too, really says Esprit to me:

And I'm not joking. Back in my elementary school days, the Esprit logo sweatshirt was the coolest thing ever and every girl wanted it. That was before logos were pasted all over everything. I'm not counting Steve Fletcher and his obsession with wearing Oakland Raider stuff every day in the fifth grade. It was a little scary. No, really, the Raiders were a very scary team back then.

More classic Esprit (shirt $49.50, jeans $45.50), & great summer Esprit dress ($69.50)
that will really look cute on someone who's been to the gym in the past year.

I had problems with this romper. Adorable but do I bunch it up and look pregnant or pull it down and look like I have funhouse mirror torso? Rompers need a different body type than mine.

This is a perfect vest, go buy it (I think it's $59.50, T-shirt is $29.50).

I admit that I still want that logo sweatshirt. It evokes some of my earliest label lust, even before Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein jeans. But logo jeans and How Brooke Shields Ruined Levi's For Me is a story for another day.

Esprit Flagship on 34th Street
21 W. 34th between 5th & 6th


WendyB said...

Am I in a time warp? First I'm posting about LeSportsac, now you've got Esprit...

Anonymous said...

I was JUST talking to HM about my Esprit lust back in the day. That brand was so covetable ... and I still really love their designs!

Tricia said...

WendyB - Yes, definitely time warp. And I was just thinking about LeSportsac post while in Macy's Herald Sq. last week, weiiirrrddd...
Sal - Now I'm freaking out, you too??!

Jill said...

Rompers don't belong on anyone over 12!

Tricia said...

Jill - yes, in theory I agree. but it doesn't stop me from trying them on, thinking I'll look adorable!

Anonymous said...

does anyone have an ESPRIT sweatshirt to sell?