Tuesday, July 6, 2010

News, Brooms, and Shoes

Can a broom and work gloves be sexy?

Click for full effect.
That leopard print broom gets pretty close. If you can make a wall of cleaning products look this good, you might just get me to actually clean my apartment. Nice merchandising, Duane Reade.

I was just going to talk brooms today, but then this story hit the New York Post: DSW is coming to 34th Street on the block between 7th and 8th that's now primed for new retail. Duane Reade, too, is bringing more sexy broom to 34th Street with a new 12,000 square foot store in the same box (DSW will have 35,000 square feet on four floors). In the near future, expect to hear more scintillating retail news about this 34th Street block.

Duane Reade, 1350 Broadway at 35th Street


Midtown Girl said...

I'm so excited about this since I never make it to the one on 14th!!

WendyB said...

I don't care if they cover it in leopard -- I'm still not using it! :-)

eeps said...

i can't remember what that space is right now. What are they going to demolish for it?

Tricia said...

MG - I'm so excited as now we can shoe shop together!
WendyB - that's like me and dusting. It could be a Prada dust rag and I'd still never use it.
eeps - You don't remember because it was like three Conways in a row! The huge capital project happening there in the near future is a New Jersey Transit tunnel going in, so lots of changes for some building owners. On the other end we'll be losing diamonds and dials and the payless on broadway & 34th St. But soon you won't recognize 34th between 7th & 8th, all new retail will be coming in. I predict a block as good as between 5th & 6th (and Broadway & 7th).

The Preppy Princess said...

We do love a little DSW now and again, that is great news for you! (And me next time I visit.)

Smiles at you Miss Fashion,