Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trompe l'oeil Diapers on 34th Street

Diapers have gone viral, so I enlisted the help of Baby Herald to try out the new Huggies limited-edition denim diapers. Are they ugly? Would I wear faded denim underpinnings? Or am I again dressing my daughter in things I wouldn't wear (see pink, ruffles, and pink ruffles)?

We're trying to show the faux pockets on the back of the Huggies jeans diapers here, but with little success. It just looks like Baby Herald is doing yoga.
(Click here to see the infamous Huggies commercial if you haven't already. Who designed those sunglasses on the brunette in the opening scene? Love them.)

But first, I have to disagree with today's New York Magazine Huggies jean diaper story: I like clothes and I have no problem figuring out how to dress Baby Herald. She's got drawers overflowing with hand-me-downs. Anyone who isn't dressing their baby in hand-me-downs is insane because A: They grow out of onesies in a month; and B: This is one time in her life she doesn't care about what she's wearing. Sometimes I play on that and come up with really ugly combinations. And still, Baby Herald smiles and kicks her legs like "Mom has the best taste in the world, I look FABULOUS." I'm saving money for that day she comes home from school and is like "Iris has cute leggings. I need those leggings."

Back to the Huggies. I was expecting to hate these but I fell for them the minute I fastened those tabs. I love these freaking diapers. Why limited edition? Because it's summer and when it's really hot babies can get away with just a diaper (you won't see that look on a fashionable NYC playground but that's not the real world). For Baby Herald, these jean diapers will come in handy when she wears a hand-me-down dress that doesn't have a matching diaper cover, like the one in the photo above where she looks like Farm Baby. And the trompe l'oeil pockets are ridiculous in a good way. Ok, now someone can please warn Baby Herald that Mom's gone so wack-a-doodle she's actually using "trompe l'oeil" when speaking about diapers.

Huggies Limited Edition Jean Diapers available at Kmart, 34th Street & 7th Avenue


Make Do Style said...

I love those diapers too and the cue baby shots xx

Susan said...

Favorite post in recent memory! And not just because we got a shout out.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah, I want to buy these for my nephew! How cute are they? Better yet, how cute is Baby Herald? Love her!! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't care about the diapers. BABY HERALD! SOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

Tricia said...

Make Do - I would have bet you'd like these diapers! I'm now curious about the Cynthia Rowley diapers, but am fearful of the cost.
Susan - Thanks! We're looking to Iris the trendsetter for years to come. She set a high bar with world's cutest baby leg warmers!:)
Cafe Fashionista - Perfect gift for your nephew!! And Baby Herald thanks you for your compliments!
Sal - Thanks to you, too! And yesh, yeah, why would you care about diapers?! The commercial is a good water cooler one, though!

Kati said...

Lovin the farm baby look. What a smile!

WendyB said...

Baby Herald brings the glamour to diaper-wearing.

Fueling Unicorns said...

OMG! your baby is adorable. And what fun you guys are having