Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back in Plastic at Lenscrafters

George and I made our annual Manhattan Mall LensCrafters trip for some new frames. Not that he doesn't like his Oakley frames bought last year, but I have to out them for a major design flaw: they hurt! Yes, although the frames are padded on the sides so they don't dig into his head, they aren't padded on the bottom, so they dig into his ear. Sadly, they are too heavy metal. He'll keep the Oakley's as back-up because they look so cool, but these are the new daily frames by Club Monaco. I had no idea Club Monaco did eyeglass frames:

Perfect and comfortable. George is either laughing because he's no longer in pain or laughing at the Baby Herald stuff taking over my office. If you need a horse rattle, plastic keys, or a polka-dot blankie, come see me.

Best, right now LensCrafters is offering 30% off eyeglass frames and prescription sunglasses. I'd check out the Ray-Ban frames also, as we were very tempted by several Ray-Ban options. Those run $189.95-ish before the sale, and the Club Monaco's were $149.99 pre-sale.

Lenscrafters Manhattan Mall, level 2, 33rd & 6th Avenue


bowerbird said...

I love a good eye-glass!
It's been a while since I visited. Life is whizzing by at an alarming rate.

The baby herald is very beautiful...and camera loves her I see

Hope your enjoying summer. Sydney town is freezing :(

La Belette Rouge said...

He-weasel and I are both in the market for new glasses. I wonder if that 30% is for LensCrafters is at all there stores.

Tricia said...

La Belette - It's on their website, so I'd say yeah! And I'm usually pretty impressed with their selection. I like to follow George on his LC trips as he's very "selective!" Aka "picky."

bowerbird - BH and I thank you for your compliments, and yes, crazy how fast life is whizzing by, so true!