Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get This Look For Less!

The above Fashion Phrase was all going through my head in Express on 34th Street the other day. As you can imagine, I was driving myself batty.

See, military shirt in denim for $39.90! Get that look for less!

But first, I must give kudos to Express for fixing up their 34th Street store. The one in Manhattan Mall has always been in good shape, but the first time (almost 3 years ago) I visited Express on 34th Street, I was dismayed at the almost dingy-looking store. And then the staff acted annoyed that they had to unlock my dressing room door. I vowed to never go back. I had to renege, of course, when I remembered it was my job to go back.

Hang stuff like you care and I'm all yours.

But a recession and a makeover later and the store is looking good, is really well-organized, has better merchandise, and is staffed with seriously friendly dressing room attendants. I obsessed over their military shirts for a while and that damn Fashion Phrase kept popping in my head. I was singing it and variations thereof to myself in the dressing room. Careful, kids, fashion blogging can make you loony. And a little dumb.

I'm a sucker for these tops with all the fabric, like mini-ponchos. I call them "monchos."
Kidding, I don't really call them "monchos!" And I try really hard to not use "shootie" or "jeggings." But Express is BOGO'ing 1/2 off jeggings right now. It's not my fault.

I don't think they count as jeggings, but the knee detail is worth the full $39.90 even without jeggings thrown in for 1/2 price. Or maybe worth it because you aren't taking home two pairs of jeggings.

Express, 7 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Aves.


Seeker said...

Oh I LOVE the top on that second picture!!!

Hope all is great with you


Midtown Girl said...

I need a Moncho!! Your bod looks like a model in these pics - jealous <3

WendyB said...

I need some jeggings.

LOL @ "it's my job to go back."

La Belette Rouge said...

Moncho!! Love it!!!

Tricia said...

The Seeker - I miss you, I'm dropping by to say hello - I've been so remiss in reading, ACK!
MG - NOT! I'm so still baby-blubbered I had to not use some photos, yuk. Guess I have to go work out. Or just wear monchos everyday.
WendyB - BOGO those jeggings!
La Belette - Feel free to use moncho, we'll start another thing.;)