Thursday, July 22, 2010

Supergirl Launching!

Back in March, Intern Craig and I visited the JCPenney Back-to-School preview, and showed a few teasers of Nastia Liukin's new Supergirl collection.

Is it wrong I want the "tank biketard" pictured below and here? Am I too old for biketards?
Now you can meet Nastia herself and get a few pointers on how to tumble, stretch, and roll from an Olympic gymnast. But only if you're 4-12 years old. Which really is OK by me because my public tumbling days ended back in my 20's (and were in no way gymnastics related). Theses days the closest I come to tumbling is those annoying, random street stumbles in very high heels.

But this is going to be a very fun, event-filled kick-off, so be sure to drop by Greeley Square this Saturday (schedule below). You'll see gymnastic exhibitions from local gyms, and might even get an autographed picture from Nastia during a little meet-and-greet. JCPenney is even including a fantastic charity tie-in by inviting kids from local Boys and Girls Club afterschool programs, and giving them a back-to-school shopping spree after the event. Bravo, Nastia and JCPenney! Supergirl, indeed.

Nastia Liukin Supergirl event
Greeley Square Park in front of JCPenney Manhattan Mall, 33rd & 6th Avenue
10-10:15am - Fashion presentation
10:15-11:15am - Stretching and tumbling class
11:15-12:45pm - Nastia meet and greet and gymnastics exhibitions


stacy said...

I always do those annoying stumbles! I'm always hoping for a nonchalant, graceful recovery, but it never happens!

Tricia said...

Stacy - impossible! I've given up, I just accept them as part of the stroll across an intersection. On all the busiest streets:)