Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get Your Mid-Summer Swimsuit at Daffy's Herald Square

It's the middle of July and you suddenly realize you've got to have a new swimsuit. Perhaps you wake up one day and can't bear one more weekend in your current suit. Or you signed your kid up for swim lessons at your local YMCA and can't bear wearing a bikini in an up-close and personal setting (tiny pool). And you're not allowed to wear your maternity one-piece anymore.

An example of the bikinis at Daffy's Herald Square, 5th floor. There's an endless selection of cute cover-ups, too.
I'll be honest, I went to Daffy's Herald Square as a lark, thinking I'd never find a suit there. I planned on ending up at Macy's and the enormous swimsuit department. But I never made it there. I actually found two one-pieces at Daffy's, and both were on clearance for $13.49.

The suit I took home:
Panache black one-piece with light green piping and keyhole back.

Daffy's has many more bikinis on clearance than one-pieces. And this is funny: Panache swimwear is made especially for girls with a larger cup size, which I most definitely do not have. But this suit fits me perfectly, and has a cute, retro-like bottom fit (square, not cut high on the legs). I've always had a problem finding a well-fitting suit, so if you are built like me - tall, long torso, broad back, small-chest, with an ass (I just can't say it any other way) - and you can never get the top to match the bottom, try these Panache suits.

Daffy's Herald Square, Herald Center at 34th & Broadway


Midtown Girl said...

You found a fabulous suit!! What a great find & a terrific price to boot <3