Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Call It Shoes: JCPenney + Aldo Call It Spring

I call it brilliant. New fabulous shoes are coming to Manhattan Mall this fall as another shop-within-a-shop opens for JCPenney (see Sephora and MNG by Mango, also this fall). However, the above looks more like a shop-just-outside-the-shop, because this is the first floor Manhattan Mall location formerly known as Toys"R"Us (toy shoppers can now find Toys"R"Us on the second floor). JCPenney occupies the two lower levels of the mall.

Call It Spring will be a permanent addition, and thus a pretty smart way for JCPenney to further expand their lower level mall presence onto the first floor. And it's a greatly needed shoe store addition to Manhattan Mall, as Call It Spring is an Aldo/JCP collaboration and will feature Aldo-like trends at Penny's prices.

The Manhattan Mall JCPenney will have Call It Spring first. Look for others in JCPenneys across the country in 2011.

Updated to add: Just heard from JCPenney PR, and they are pretty sure those signs on the first floor of Manhattan Mall, on the old Toys"R"Us space, are just advertisements, and are not indicative of the shop-within-a-shop-itself. Because it really is an exciting new shop-within-a-shop concept, and not some blogger fantasty shoe-shop-just-outside-the-shop concept. Now I shall furiously email Manhattan Mall and ask if they have any plans for this empty space...

Call It Spring, coming to JCPenney in New York City this September
Manhattan Mall, 33rd & 6th Avenue