Sunday, December 19, 2010

Best 34th Street Gifts, Day Four: Stirrings for Your Host

Stirrings mixers are served on 34th Street at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, 440 Ninth Avenue, but you can buy Stirrings gift sets online here. Also, check with your local spirits outlet and request some Stirrings if they don't already carry it, because these mixers are delicious and the sets make for a great hostess gift. Stirrings is made with natural ingredients and cane sugar as opposed to corn syrup, which I really like, and which means you can easily make great non-alcoholic drinks for the holidays (have you ever made a virgin margarita with the usual, too-sweet margarita mix? Yugh.). Click here for the Apple-Teany recipe.

Me and Midtown Girl! Click here to see I Spy DIY's great pics. I'm giving my sister the Cocktail Connoisseur set we received as she's hosting Christmas this year.

Amy from Midtown Girl invited me to the Stirrings Naked Bartender Preview Party in the Empire State Building, which is where? 34th Street! Was he really naked? No worries, I immediately confirmed that the bartender was wearing pants. But you don't have to tell your friend that when you send them a Stirrings Naked Cocktail Greeting via Facebook or email. I sent one to Intern Craig as he's finishing up his tenure here at Fashion Herald :( Boohoohoo! I know, I'm still mourning. I thought the photo below would be perfect for his Stirrings Greeting:

Suddenly I want to sing "O, Holy Night."

Chose a photo of your friend and it sits on the Naked Bartender's bar and he talks to you and shows you how to prepare a lovely little something. Craig's enormous snood up there is from Gap Herald Square, and we both snatched them up for $25 back in October. I've been meaning to blog about them since, as they're perfect in this windy, cold weather, while still maintaining one's diva-chic winter look.

Best thing to remember about Stirrings is they make things very easy for your host or hostess, so that means they'll never forget how you helped them out this fabulously busy holiday season.


WendyB said...

Love seeing you gals out on the town.