Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some Borders Lovin'

Update: Below is an Intern Craig Borders review. Thank-you, Intern Craig!

I don't think we give Borders the love and affection it deserves. I'm sure there are plenty of people that hate the chain bookstore but I, for one, am a huge advocate for the mega bookstore. They discount their new releases and I can get a good cup of coffee under the same roof. While I wish there was more sitting space at this Borders so I can relax (and read books for free), I still make it over a couple of times a month just to wander the literature section and see what's on the B2GO free table.

I'm sure you're brimming with extra Christmas money so why not spend it on something productive like a new book for your winter break? If you're one of those lucky folks that are in the work force and don't have a winter break, then why not buy a book to entertain yourself on those days that you're stuck inside because of the treacherous snow?

If you see yourself having a plethora of time to fill, enjoy this fine Russian classic by the master of Russian literature. I first read Crime and Punishment during my senior year in high school and I've been in love with it ever since. If you aren't a strong reader, you may want to get the Spark Notes to fill in any gaps. Russian literature can be incredibly tedious and confusing, but totally worth it at the end.

If you want to pick up some skills this winter, I suggest reading any of Alton Brown's cookbooks. If you aren't a Good Eats fan, I suggest you watch his show immediately. He is a culinary genius and he scares me with the depth of his food knowledge. I can vouch for many of his recipes including his turkey recipe for Thanksgiving, which stands to be the most popular recipe on Foodnetwork.com ever.

If you'd like to take this time to learn about a true American legend, then perhaps you should read...

Justin Bieber's autobiography! Just reading the title "First Step 2 Forever: My Story" lets you know that this is going to be a piece of groundbreaking literature. Just look at the compositional risk Mr Bieber took by substituting the word "to" with the number 2. Truly the J.D. Salinger of our time. I couldn't bring myself to actually open the book but I trust that there are plenty of blogs run by 13-year old girls that contain countless raves on this fine novel.

Don't be fooled by my suggestions. Borders has a great collection of movies and music upstairs, as well as countless other book departments. Stop in soon and check it out for yourself. And sign up for Borders Rewards to get perks like free coffee and extra discounts.

Borders, 2 Penn Plaza at 32nd St & 7th Ave


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