Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Always Foot Locker 34th Street for Kicks

Baby Converse kicks.
With my husband's birthday just days away, and him all desperate for new shoes (see how he abuses his shoes here), I knew it was time for a Foot Locker gift. Also, Melissa had kindly hooked me up with gift cards after the birth of Baby Herald, so it was past due time to cash one in, especially as Baby Herald insists on trying to walk everywhere, now, so she needs some real kicks.

Daddy Converse kicks. This is about as close to matching Daddy/daughter as I'll ever be allowed to get.

This photo really cracks me up because of the inadvertent Brooklyn parent tableau I didn't create, I swear. The guitars, the copy of Kaddish lying on top of the baby book, the baby toys tucked here and there, and the Converse sneaks. But let's focus on the shoes: the man kicks are leather Converse, $65, a grey-ish blue, and the 12s fit him perfect. Normally he's between 12-13, and Converse run big. Same for the baby shoes. Seems like she received tons of size 5 shoes as gifts, but they still fall off her. So the size 4 Baby Converse fit her perfect right now. Hers are canvas, not leather, but the soles are solid and good for those first walking attempts.The black and white baby kicks were around $30.

Selection at our Foot Locker on 34th Street really can't be beat, there are walls of kicks, and the Kids section is equally impressive. Visit soon to give your special someone a very Merry Kicksmas!

Foot Locker & Kids' Foot Locker, 120 W. 34th Street btwn Broadway & 7th


La Belette Rouge said...

Those shoes are bigger than the tree! Love it!! Quite a tableau!