Monday, December 6, 2010

Festive Subway Cards From JCPenney

Photo courtesy of Barbara
Festive photo, right? That's JCPenney Manhattan Mall, as seen through one of our holiday arches at Greeley Square. Also festive? JCPenney is stocking subway ticket machines with 500,000 Merry Metrocard tickets from December 10th to December 25th. If you get one of the cards, you can use it as many times as you want for $10 off every $50 purchase at JCPenney before January 2nd, 2011.

Look for the subway card above if you buy from one of the following subway stations, as these are the only stations stocking the cards with the JCPenney discount. 34th Street is well represented, of course. 
  • Herald Square
  • 34th & 7th Avenue
  • 34th & 8th Avenue
  • Grand Central Station
  • Time Square
  • 42nd & 8th Avenue
  • 42nd & Bryant Park
  • 59th &Columbus Circle
  • 14th St./Union Square
  • Lexington Avenue & 59th
  • Rockefeller Center Station
So starting on the 10th, look for the festive red and green subway card from JCPenney, and happy holiday shopping!

Update: According to the MTA and Anonymous, the cards are now stocked in the above stations.The perfect combination: riding the subway to JCPenney Manhattan Mall and getting a discount for it, that's my kind of promotion.
More exciting Merry Metrocard Insider Updates: The cards are also available in the booths. Both the booths and the machines have been fully stocked, so supplies are available while they last.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1&2, 33rd & 6th Avenue


Anonymous said...

The MetroCards are in the stations now. I have ine and the card is good until the 1/2/2011

Tricia said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Hear that, all? Go get your JCPenney subway ride to $10 off!

Katie said...

The holiday decorations in Greeley and Herald Squares are such a nice addition to the 34th Street area. I've seen many a photo op taken under the entry arches!