Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Help Raise a Roof, Buy a Little Woolf

I have a hard time pronouncing "wolf" and "roof" and I'm not sure why. Is it my Midwest upbringing, or just me being stubborn? Instead of "wolf" I always say "woof," but hey, I'm not so far off. I mean wolves do bark/howl like dogs but in a much more impressive manner, them being the masters of the dog universe and all. I have the same problem pronouncing Virginia Woolf's last name, and my "roof" usually sounds like "ruff," which is also a lot like a barking dog. Hmm, I need to ask La Belette if my subconscious needs a puppy for Christmas. In the meantime, I'm going to be mispronouncing this entire Sister Wolf fundraiser.

Please support your fellow blogger in her time of need, and get a really fabulous little necklace at the same time. $35 of the $50 purchase price goes to help Sister Wolf repair her roof. I have a Little Woolf and I'm getting another for Arm Baby, aka Baby Herald (one must always call her Arm Baby in the presence of WendyB). I get compliments on my Little Woolf all the time.

To loosely quote KOS, Sister Wolf has been having a dreadful time of it, and now her roof is falling in. So please go to Wendy's jewelry site, buy a Little "Woof" and help out one of our own this holiday season. And thanks to gorgeous bloggers WendyB, Kate at MakeDoStyle, and Kingdom of Style for organizing this fundraiser.


WendyB said...

I will be calling Arm Baby "Arm Baby" when she's in college.

Tricia said...

Another friend of mine insists on calling her "Olive." She's going to be one confused baby!

Unknown said...

Bloggers unite!