Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best 34th Street Gifts Day 8: Last-Minute Swarovski Bling

Today Intern Craig visits the gorgeous Swarovski boutique on 34th & 7th for some last-minut gift shopping.

In your rush to evacuate the city before Christmas, be sure to stop by the Swarovski store at the entrance to Penn Station on 7th Avenue. While this isn't the most frugal place to grab gifts, the giftee will surely remember it forever.

I think jewelry can be somewhat impersonal unless you absolutely know the person's taste. Yet, Swarovski will certainly have you covered. Enjoy this great wall of rings. There is an assortment from the subtle but classic, to the big and bright. Take your pick.

If you're scared to rock the boat with something as particular as a ring, you can opt for a set like the above, which is perfectly priced at $100. Both pieces are timeless so this is a great present for mom, girlfriend, aunt, and any other female on your list.

I've left the best for last and to say that I squealed like that pig on the right is an understatement: SWAROVSKI ANIMAL FLASH DRIVES. I'm always losing my flash drives but you better believe that I will attach it to my body if I had a Swarovski one. How can you resist that turtle?

Don't be afraid to check out Swarovski even if you're done with your shopping. Sometimes it's nice to just look at something pretty for a while. Enjoy!

Swarovski, 200 W. 34th Street at 7th Avenue