Monday, December 13, 2010

Best 34th Street Gifts, Day One: B&H Trolley Lust

For the week before Christmas I'll post fabulous 34th Street gift sources.Today features B&H, the world-famous photo & video store.

It's not that I don't love the electronics and the cameras at B&H (I want this one, get $100 off this camera until 1/08/2011):

And it's not that I don't love the knowledgeable and efficient B&H customer service (last visit George and I waited under five minutes after joining a really long line).

What I really love about B&H is their mesmerizing trolley system. Today's post is an homage to B&H's trolley and why it needs to be installed in my home. Hey, Christmas is coming, and my husband might need some help.

B&H, perfect at almost everything! But to be honest, the actual bins are lacking in sex appeal.

Never seen it? Go visit the store and look up. There you will see green bins traveling around the store with shoppers' items. This system enables one to shop unimpeded, sans sore arms carrying unwieldy boxes that knock into others. Shoppers can check out and then pick up their items right before walking out of the store. These magical bins also have special coding so they pop out at the proper department.

I really need specially coded bins for my apartment, where lots of junk has come to live. I could put our (aka "my") junk on the overhead trolley and watch it do laps. I would code my bins "kitchen" "bathroom" or "bedroom." Imagine, no more running out of toilet paper at inopportune moments! No more rummaging for chip clips and twist ties, or frantic searching for purple opaque leggings! But the best thing about an overhead trolley system? It is above my head. It isn't lying on the ground, sitting draped on my chairs, or hiding with my lost keys in the folds of the couch. Trolleys can save my marriage, keep my apartment clutter free, and make for good conversation starters at dinner parties. "Wow, nice overhead trolley!" "Thanks! It keeps all my junk on the move!" What can't an overhead trolley do?
George bought this lens. He always shops B&H, but not just for the great prices. He's into the really easy shopping experience, the 5-10 minutes guy-shopping cliche.
George also recommends this camera for a very good point and shoot digital.

I now challenge you to visit B&H and deny Trolley Lust. Impossible!

B&H New York Superstore, 9th Avenue at 34th Street


Make Do Style said...

I need to nip over and buy a Nikon on 34th!!

Tricia said...

So many things for you to buy on 34th Street!