Monday, October 21, 2013

Spirit Halloween on 34th Street

Getting worried about your Halloween costume?

                                   Image via the Kansas History Foundation and re-posted from the Bryant Park blog

Do not fear, or grab the nearest oil drum, because the 34th Street Halloween pop-up store is here. Recently named one of Racked NY's top eight Best Halloween Costume Shops, Spirit Halloween has opened a big pop-up on Broadway just south of 34th Street.

I've seen a lot of Halloween pop-ups on 34th Street, and I must say that Spirit impressed me with their selection of merchandise. We all know what to expect in these Halloween pop-ups: walls of sexy stockings, costume makeup, and monster masks. But while Spirit has all of the latter, I wasn't bombarded with one million French Maid costumes. Instead there was a prominent wall of "Everyday Hero" costumes for adults that I would actually wear trick-or-treating with my daughter (Wonder Woman, here I come). Also given nice display space: Ted and The Hunger Games costumes.

If my Disney Princess crown experience is a good barometer of quality, than I can say that Spirit's costumes are a step above the rest. The "Yellow Princess" (Belle) crown from Spirit Halloween is a solid piece of tiara work with intricate detailing and good construction. That means it hasn't snapped in half since I bought it two weeks ago, and that's a record in our house. It's going to actually make it to Halloween.

Those costumes, too, are better than Disney princess costumes I've seen in Target and other stores.

Or perhaps you're in need of scary decor?

For just under $50, this enormous spider jumps up at you when one hits the pedal (not shown). Scream-inducing, for sure.

Spirit Halloween

1286 Broadway just south of 34th Street