Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mango 34th Street: Select Picks for Fall

Things I really love about Mango: their jackets, their boots, their blouses, and the fact that they hang really cute ensembles at the front of a display rack, and behind it, on the same rack, are all the elements of the really cute ensemble. Almost all combinations below are such ensembles. 

I was iffy on the red, quilted bomber ($89.99) until I tried it on. Great piece. The gray coat ($189.99) speaks for its own fabulous self. Boots are $109.99 and I must have them. They are a perfect neutral ankle boot.

 White bomber is $109.99, and the sheer blouse underneath is $59.99. See? Great jackets, boots, and blouses.

7 West 34th Street just west of Fifth Avenue


Ashley said...

Is it fair to say that Mango can do no wrong? In Fall and Winter, especially, they're killin it!

xo Ashley

Tricia said...

Yup, totally fair to say!