Sunday, October 6, 2013

Venexiana Spring 2014


Design process, a la Venexiana's Kati Stern: pick fabrics, blast punk music, and let the creativity flow. Show-goers certainly witnessed that touch of punk glamour in her pieces at her Spring 2014 show. Metallic beading and crystallized gowns dramatically hugging each curve are not meant for wallflowers. These are gowns that command attention and exude confidence.

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Powder blue was a prominent color on the runway, as were large, floral-printed, silk gowns, that truly brought the essence of spring to the runway. Stern masterfully displayed drapery and fluidity in a light and airy way.

  69        66

Lace overlays on classic cuts had a vintage beauty to them. 

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One complaint: every season, Kati Stern presents an overwhelming collection of over 70 glamorous gowns. This season had me feeling deju vu, bringing me back to her Spring '13 runway presentation. From very similar styling, with double sided chignons (last spring they were twisted, this time braided) and seductive, heavily winged eyes, to seeing many of the same cuts on the gowns. A bit of editing for next season could refine the presentation by eliminating repetitive fillers, and focusing the collection. Otherwise, Venexiana for spring brought the rock-n-roll energy as always.

All photos from The Cut