Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Red Wellies Collection From Gap

This one goes out to all you pregnant women who are right now staring at the computer screen, struggling to stay awake, or gasping up subway steps like a 90-year old man, or glaring at rude people on the subway who won't give up their seat. 

This goes out to all you pregnant women who are suffering through nausea on public transportation, barely making it to the bathroom in time to puke up breakfast/lunch/snack, and are right now thinking you'd give a right arm and five toes for McDonald's soft serve.

Just go to this page, and enjoy. 

Gap has done it yet again: created a ridiculously adorable line of baby clothes. This one's called The Red Wellies Collection, and it is as darling as its name.

Hey Mama: go ahead, indulge. You've earned the right to shop for silly cute baby clothes.

Gap Herald Square
60 West 34th Street at Sixth Avenue


Arbydog said...

called in to Christianna Mall DE GAP for kids saw advert in window red wellies collection. not a wellie in site and staff unaware what a wellie was, bit poor really !!

Tricia said...

Arbydog - Often, collections like these will be available in select stores only, and online. Here's the link to the collection online:

Hope this helps! We get a lot of these collections on 34th Street because the Herald Square stores are either flagships or very highly trafficked.