Wednesday, October 15, 2008

34th Street's Le Chateau Giveaway

These speak for themselves, oui? Groovy suede fringed is $129.95, fab caveman fake fur vest is $85.95.

Quoi*, long, acrylic sweater for $79.95? The white fake fur vest ($85.95) is too short. I prefer the wooly mammoth cut of the brown fake fur vest. And that belt? Zut alors, so bad it's good!

I like this long, hooded vest, it's even got a little fringe going on in the front, but $80-ish for 80% acrylic? Non!

I was impressed with this denim dress and its adorable collar till I saw the $99.95 price tag. What? And look, cute as the collar is, the unfinished edges peek out. Quel horror!

I get nostalgic about Le Chateau. Growing up it was the lone, gleaming beacon in my Midwest town's only shopping mall. I aspired to shop what was to me an exotic and expensive store, and finally did during my glorious (cough) metal phase. On the sale rack I found a cropped, black patent moto jacket with a plaid lining that rocked my torn stockings and buckle skirt. All of which I suspect moms (#1 Fan) "misplaced" in the garbage.

Now I can shop Le Chateau on 34th Street. But while I might pay $80+ for cute fake fur and leather fringe vests, I will not pay that for acrylic sweaters. Hello, Le Chateau omnium? While you are digesting my little critique, I'll give away two of your scarves:

2 Le Chateau scarves on world's ugliest chair. Poor Martin!

Specify which scarf you want, green or brown, in the comments section and we'll do a drawing Friday, noonish. No limitations, anyone from anywhere can participate. Bonne chance for a little Le Chateau from 34th Street!

Le Chateau, 34 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th

*I reserve the right to butcher the language of any store whose name begins with "Le."


Elizabeth said...


You had a METAL phase?

Do tell!

Henry said...

I love the green scarf! Matches my eyes

ButterflyDiary said...

Oh! I want the green!!!!

WendyB said...

I dig the fringed vest.

Anonymous said...

Caveman Chic at it's best! I remember your metal Conneticut. Do you still have your Metallica concert t-shirts?

nv said...

i love all the vests, especially the faux fur ones. green green green if you pick me to win ? :D

Make Do Style said...

I actually liked the cardi, sometimes acyrlic holds and wears better than wool!

Couture Carrie said...

Love a groovy gilet for fall!!


Anonymous said...

Wheee! Sign me up for the brown scarf, chica.

Songy said...

Metal phase?! Mother misplacing moto jacket? This is too much fun to just ignore. Reveal!!!

I'm a brown and green person. I'd prefer brown but wouldn't fight with lovely Sal.

Tricia said...

enc - oh, yes. hmmm, i'll have to dig up some god-awful photos, ala headbanger's ball days!
maria - funny, i asked mom before fashion week to look for my old metal shirts. Not so forthcoming, she probably threw them out! she hated my metal phase!
make do - good point!
CC - nice french incorporation!
songy - uh-oh, may have to do an old metal post!

KATLIN said...

Ooooh fringe!! :)

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I'm totally with you, 80 dollars for an acrylic sweater is absurd!

I'd love to win the brown scarf :-)