Friday, October 31, 2008

Work It Out

I'm not a gym rat, but when I do manage to drag myself there I kind of look like one. And not in a good way. But one day last week, at 6:15am, I was joined in the weight room by a girl who had on the cutest top. It was black, I think a little DIY was involved with the neckline, and she wore it one-shouldered. I was put to shame. And if girls pumping iron at 6am are going to up the ante, I've really got to get it together.

So while at Daffy's the other day, I checked out the workout gear on the 5th floor. I have a rule about workout gear: I will not pay full retail price for something I'm going to sweat in. Unless I'm running for more than 3 1/2 hours (marathon), and then I'll splurge.

Check out this "Italian fashion dancewear" Deha:

Pants: basic black, low-waisted, so comfortable and very long, $13.99. All other pants and hooded top $16.99. Hanging pants are spandex with gathered, pull-string ankles, very cute but a little obscene on moi.

Lace trim! Flashdance! Turtleneck with bell cuffs! Fuzzy comfy with extra-long sleeves! All $16.99.

They had me at Italian, but fashion dancewear? Evokes childhood ballerina dreams and teenage Flashdance/Fame dreams. Made in Italy, Deha is so good I'm wearing one of their tops right now and I'm at work, not the gym. It's so soft, and I keep noticing little details like double layers on the hem cuff. Also, unless the fabric is by nature clingy, most of what I tried on is cut well and not so tight it gives you unsightly lumps. Ugh, hate looking at those while pumping me some iron.

Daffy's Herald Square, 5th floor, 34th @ Broadway


La Belette Rouge said...

That is some great gym wear. I really like the cargo like pants and the ballet neck like top. very nice.

These pieces would also be nice to wear when lying on the couch drinking wine. I do like a garment that can multi-task.;-)

Tricia said...

Exactly! I love a versatile "gym" piece!

Anonymous said...

oh man. This post is making me feel guilty. I need to start working out again. Hahaha.

Seeker said...

What a great gym wear!!!
I need to update my "gym" clothes.

Happy Halloween, enjoy your time.


Tricia said...

happy halloween to you all too!

Cammila said...

I suspect that if I didn't have an exercise bike parked in front of the tv in my livingroom, I'd need some cute workout wear to motivate myself to get down to the gym. If I have a cute outfit, I'll always come up with an excuse to leave the house. :)

WendyB said...

I just don't care what I look like when working out!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-these are cute and stylish!

Anonymous said...

Miss Fashion, if yo are wearing it, that is all the endorsement we need!


Elizabeth said...

Dang, I'm way too far away to enjoy any of this workout gear.

Grayburn said...

I luuuve dance/workout wear. They are always comfortable and fit better than usual tops. I've started doing yoga lately and looking good whilst practicing the poses somehow make me work harder! But 6:15! Wow dedication!

x Grayburn

Songy said...

they look way too chic to become my workout gear to soak up my sweat! ;)