Thursday, October 9, 2008

Debbie Says It Again

Debbie was trying to do a recession-priced day at Daffy's Herald Square, but then she ran into this:

Softest sleeveless 70% cashmere sweater ever. Carolina Herrera, size 6, $198.99.

And the steal of the week, this 8 (that's really a small 6) Olivieri leather:

The picture doesn't do this justice, it's 1/2 off of $249.99, and it was originally over $4,200. I can't snap it, but all the fixtures work.

Please prepare yourselves for this small 6 Nina Ricci:

Grandma called, and she wants her lace back. Actually, most of your grannies wouldn't be caught dead looking like this. But the skirt is gorgeous (world's worst picture!) and the lace is TO DIE FOR. Now $495, was $4,580.

For those of us pinching some serious pennies, Debbie did these, too:

Silk, retro feel Re:sound dress, size 6, $39.99.

Wear this ridiculous comfortable dress by Sameunderneath, and the mirror will say you're "Hot Stuff." $29.99.

Modern folds, great cut, solid fabric, and the satin back has a chic little belt. Size 8 Holiday In navy dress, $59.99 (was $326).

An inexpensive black cotton medium dress by Pathway, $19.99:

Free People, bad color for me but lovely dress w/pleated stiff underskirt, $45.99, Debbie put the small on hold.

Great Patrizia Pepe small 6 silk dress with contrasting prints, $89.99, was $410.

Debbie couldn't resist, because maybe one of you wants to be Carrie for Halloween, and this is the perfect Carrie dress! And it has pockets, GiGi Florence, medium, $16.99.

Debbie says go to Daffy's Herald Square's sixth floor and pick up her hold, under "Debbie" of course. It's there till closing time, 9pm. Score it all, score a little (but put the rest back on "Debbie Hold" just in case!), and come back next Thursday to see what Debbie finds at Daffy's.

Many dresses shown have other sizes on the floor. All clothing was pulled from the section in front of the registers on 6.

Daffy's Herald Square, 34th & Broadway


WendyB said...

That jacket is awesome. I wish I wasn't out of town.

Tricia said...

I wish I wasn't now out of town too, or I'd go put it on hold again for you tomorrow! I was thinking it was a perfect wendy jacket

Elizabeth said...

Yes, it's a brilliant jacket.

I'm too far away to enjoy any of it.

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I can't get over the lace's given you nana boobs...what's that about!!!!

Tricia said...

Nana boobs, ach mein got, you're so right! Scary how that lace number immediately adds forty years!

Anonymous said...

Would never wear it, but love the idea of the Carrie dress. White tank with trashbag skirt ... check.

Songy said...

That white jacket is super! I'd snatch that in a heartbeat.