Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thanks, Laird

Thank god for Laird Hamilton's Wonderwall collection at Steve & Barry's in 34th Street. Seriously, it's the only stuff I buy for my husband that he doesn't immediately reject. Usually his first reaction to clothing is "take it back." Then 24 hours later he'll give it the green light. I don't know, commitment issues?! Here he is in a long-sleeved shirt, grey sweat shorts and a striped polo I had to get because it's so soft, albeit very orange. All is $8.98.

White pocket T from Gap, $6.99 on sale. Note the solo cute orange buttonhole on the shirt and the little Wonderwall logo. Excuse the cleavage shot, the model hates shopping AND trying on clothes. And he's barely had his morning coffee. When the orange polo "shrinks," I'm so sleeping in it.

Steve & Barry's is still open in Manhattan Mall. The clerks say it's not closing. Prices have been raised to $14.98 & $19.98 for a lot of lines, but the Wonderwall is still $8.98. Best deal in the store.

Also, I always grab white Gap T-shirts for myself when they're discounted, so the other day I picked him up a couple, now on sale for $6.99. While in the men's department, I noticed this:

An attractive men's fedora, on sale for $18-ish. Perfect for him, yes?! Umm actually, no, so now I'm the happy owner of this hat. Ladies, always keep an eye out in the men's department for a little poaching.

Steve & Barry's
Manhattan Mall, level 2, 33rd & 6th Avenue
Gap, 60 W. 34th @ 6th Avenue


Elizabeth said...

Mr.OM rejects clothing out of hand. I wish I could get him into this stuff.

Tricia said...

I think Mr. OM is built similarly, you should just go buy some.

Jillian Hobbs said...

i LOVE the fedora!

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Fashion, we are liking the fedora...yes we are. (For you, or Mr. Fashion.)

We drove by a gentleman with a sign on the street corner yesterday, near the local mall, and his sign said everything at Steve and Barry's is $7.98...?

FYI, we tagged you but think you have done this one before...


WendyB said...

Nice hat. My grandfather used to wear fedoras with a little feather in the band.

Anonymous said...

The Steve & Barry's in Hawai'i (that just opened less than a year ago) is shutting down and everything there is $4.98!

Diana Coronado said...

Lovely hat !!

Anonymous said...

Thank god for steve & barry's

Grayburn said...

Wow, great sales! I love it when men wear something soft :)

Funny that I was thinking the exact same thing as you mentioned...reverse french manicure a la dior. But you know I finally had to have them shortened because I couldn't do anything with those. They are different on each hand because they wanted to do separate photos for them. So I think now I can change the color.

hope you had a good weekend,

Songy said...

Oh.. finally. Can't go wrong with GAP t-shirts.. Love the hat!

I tagged you btw.

Anonymous said...

You are a SERIOUSLY good wife, lady. Shopping for your man is hard enough. Shopping for your PICKY man must be torture. You're two miracles short of a sainthood by now, I'm sure of it.