Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deborah in Daffy Dresses

Ouch, Debbie's late today! An important mid-week, out-of-town rendezvous and a Blogger outage are the culprits. But she panted her way round Daffy's Herald Square and found these nice things by Patrizia Pepe:

Click for tuxedo shirt details ($29.99). It's a 4 but fits like a 6 and is longer in the back, love that. Size 4 grey dress with sexy neckline is $59.99, was $222, and the size 2 bubble, side-buckle skirt is $49.99, was $212.

Deborah was standing in line at the registers, thinking this week kind of lacked in excitement, when she spotted these:

Green animal print dress by Rhinascimento, $49.99, was $162, size large. Green animals are fun.

Pretty Searle dress, size 10, was $398, now $59.99.

Possibly my favorite Daffy's item yet, this dress is a size 2 thus the holding up. Formerly around $500 and now is around $150, I think? Hey size 2s, PLEASE go buy!

Joy, this shiny black dress is fabulous and not just because it's from the best-named line ever, LP&P aka Little Prince and Piggy. I now want to buy everything they make.

All is available on hold at the 6th floor registers till 8pm tonight under "Deborah."

Daffy's Herald Square, 34th Street & Broadway


geri hirsch said...

that LP&P is adorable! ive never heard of the line, must go research!

La Belette Rouge said...

Wish I could pick up that LP&P dress. Very cute!!!

Seeker said...

That LP&P dress is great and the green animal print is cute.


Dana (MODAna) said...

little prince and piggy AWWW!!
I love that dress, it's amazing!! I don't have anywhere to wear it to upon first thought, but I'll think of something
mmm my parents are going to ny soon. shall ask them to look around.

Angela said...

the black dress looks cute.

Sister Wolf said...

I think I've seen Little Prince and Piggy at Australian shopping sites. I also like the name "Le Petite Salope" but I might be spelling it wrong. French people, is this the correct spelling??

Cammila said...

Love the mod little mini dresses! Very Edie!

Elizabeth said...

Deborah's gone Daffy!

I love the silver. I really wish I could shop in this place.

Songy said...

that last dress is stunning. I'd snatch that up if I was there!

Grayburn said...

I do like the last one..shiny & black- I'm in! I've never heard of them before but I will be sure to check them out now. Thanks!

x Grayburn

Blicious said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! they are great!

Anonymous said...

Totally diggin' the classy grey Searle!

Anonymous said...

Okay, 'Little Prince and Piggy' is one of the best names we've heard in a while for an apparel or accessories line.

We actually like the tuxedo shirt shirt on you...very nice. And we adore the lines of the Searle, but not the color.

Happy weekend MIss Fashion!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Love your black dress!! It's awesome!!