Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun with Travel Alarm Clocks

Big surprise: I got a thumbs-up for my Christmas present choices which hasn't happened in a long time. So here's what I got the husband (in addition to a guitar pedal I owe him as I forgot his birthday. Don't give me that look, I've been busy tending to his first-born):

See-through clock with magic nighttime powers; convenient baby model to show clock dimensions. And baby cuteness, of course.

Weatherproof travel alarm clock. Now this doesn't get most people excited, but my man and I have a thing for great travel alarm clocks. So much that we love them not just on the road, but also at home. This one was under $3 (on sale at Daffy's Herald Square and then further discounted) and has a really cool flashlight that emits this eerie, alien-abduction-like nuclear glow. I also discovered, in the middle of the night tending to the first-born, that I can see what time it is in the dark without pressing anything. Cool.

Another cool thing about this alarm clock? It comes with 6 hearing aid batteries. And this thing cost under $3. Seriously, I'm going back this week to get 2 or 3 more just for backup batteries.

Next Daffy's purchase for the man? This badass Triple Five Soul Soprano's-esque velour sweatshirt, above, $19.99. And this shiny jacket, below, also Triple Five Soul for $35.99, that yes is a little over the top so we're keeping it. I think he can pull both off if he grows long sideburns and continues greasing back his hair.

Only problem is what I'm going to wear when he's wearing his Christmas duds? I don't do poodle skirts or Jersey mobster chic very well.

Daffy's Herald Square, 34th & Broadway
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WendyB said...

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a baby? :-)

Dream Sequins said...

Baby cuteness- I LOVE IT. Baby fever over here. :) Hope you enjoyed your Christmas! xx

Tricia said...

WendyB - ahhh, so true!
Dream Sequins - baby fever, yay, we need to talk!