Monday, December 21, 2009

More Stylish Bite than Bark

This furry beast in the window of Zara is quite the eye-catcher, and I'm digging it with the cape-like coat:

Very winter weekend chic. Obviously, Zara's in the holiday fur mood:

And they're breaking out the shiny shoes perfect for New Year's celebrating:

These shots are from Zara at 500 Fifth Avenue. They consistently trump most Zara windows, and as I work in the same building, I'm always privy to their rotating displays. The coat is available only in black at 500 Fifth, but the Zara on 34th Street has it in white. And, as the price indicates ($1,099), that's real fur on that mannequin.

34th Street Zara also carries the shoes, but if you want that fun furry tote, ask the staff to check in the basement. They've got it in the stockroom.

Zara, 39 W. 34th Street near 6th Avenue


Elizabeth said...

Real fur?! At Zara? I wouldn't have expected that.

The bag looks great. I bet it would start a lot of conversations.

Lipstick said...

I loooove that fuzzy bag. I looks like it might pur. Or growl.

Tricia said...

enc - I was surprised too! And I thought perhaps that would be a hard sell, but the white version shown is sold out!
Lipstick - it all but barks!

39th and Broadway said...

I so almost bought that cape, I looove Zara. Seriously, it is probably the number #1 reason I go to 34th street.

FYI, I just posted about Bryant Park, you guys work on that too right? It really looks great this year!

WendyB said...

I had no idea Zara went up to that price!

Tricia said...

39th - although I'm biased, and the 500 Fifth store is brand new, I prefer shopping the 34th St. store. better mojo. and thanks for the BP kudos, I'm really happy with the holiday shops this year!
WendyB - right? I don't know if I'd buy fur at Zara, but obviously they aren't having a problem moving it. And that furry bag is already out of the window!