Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bare Escentuals Review: Get Started Kit

Tricia Lewis, our Fashion Herald blogger, is on maternity leave. Following is a post from her coworker Kati, who is graciously filling in as guest blogger.

We know you're excited to see who won. First, enjoy the final review of our Bare Escentuals experiences. We'll be back this afternoon with the winner.

I've had my eye on the Get Started Kit for some time. I was convinced by the promises of clearer skin, better coverage without a caked-on feel, and easy application. Unfortunately, my duties as the official contest-winner name-picker excluded me from the contests, so I finally went out and bought my own Kit. Happily, my purchase included an in-store demo and professional application. It made sense, it felt good, and I was ready.

Day One: I woke up late for work. I headed to the mirror to complete my normal thirty second makeup routine, (perhaps it will now be obvious to the reader that I'm a low maintance gal) only to remember that I had traded up and taken the Bare Escentuals plunge. I was confronted with a shiny box of products. Still running late, I breathed and tried to remember my in-store tutorial. Swirl, tap, buff...but when did that mineral veil fit in? There was no time for the instructional DVD, a great tool for people who can plan ahead. I forged on. It took me about 20 minutes to get through the routine, and I was late to work. After Day One, I wondered: do most people have time for all this?

Day Two: Less panic, more time. A little better. By the weekend, a know-nothing guy friend noticed. He asked, "Are you wearing makeup?" I insisted it was nothing new. I blushed...er maybe it was just my Bare Escentuals shining through.

This morning, after a week of applications and practice, I woke up late for work again. Did I have time for all four steps? I swirled, I tapped, I buffed. Three minutes later I was out the door. After serious doubts about committing to a new beauty routine, I'm pleased to report that it just took a week of settling in. I'm now a happy Get Started Kit user, and considering adding to my collection. Now, you nine Get Started Kit winners: any learned-at-home tips to share?

Bare Escentuals, 44 W. 34th St. between 5th and 6th


Cammila said...

Really cool walk-through on such a great product. I just ADORE Bare Escentuals -- been using them for years now. Hmm, if I can think of one tip, it might just be that you can experiment with brushes if you want. I eventually started using a massive one from the Sephora Professional line, and it works really well for distributing a lot of really even, really light coverage.