Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Xmastime Tells All

Our Fashion Herald blogger, Tricia Lewis, is out on maternity leave. Here is a blast-from-the-past recap post from our favorite manny blogger, Xmasmtime:

Back in April of 2008, Tricia from Fashion Herald brought me to Foot Locker on 34th Street and led me on a whirlwind tour for a new spring wardrobe. As I mentioned HERE, as much as I dreaded it going in, it wasn’t the worst way to spend a Friday afternoon (HERE’S a shot of couple of the ladies desperately trying to flirt with me.) And now it’s been a year and a half, and the people are curious: how have these Foot Locker clothes treated our hero? Let’s take a look at a few items from that day!

ITEM: brown short-sleeved polo shirt

I don’t know why I said short sleeve. Are there long sleeve polos? My high-school football coach isn’t gonna read this, is he? Anyway, this shirt is my #1 “Friday shirt." In high school I always saved the best shirt in my arsenal for Friday, thinking that if I looked my coolest on Friday, then the girls would have the whole weekend to sit around and think about how great I looked, and potential amorĂ© would build up. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right: genius. Anyways, now I save this natty little number for Fridays in the office, and I don’t think I need to tell you people how well this system has worked. Cough.

I actually rotate back and forth between the brown polo and this pink one. I like to roll into the office with the pink shirt and challenge dudes to question my masculinity, giving me an excuse to show what a badass I am. Of course, I work for InTouch magazine, so by “question my masculinity,” I guess I mean “advise on whether or not to pop the collar,” so I guess it’s not like I’m walking into the 1976 Steelers locker room.

Btw I credit “pop the collar” to my friend Anna. Just like “beer o’clock,” every time I hear this expression I spend hours laughing my head off, swearing I’m gonna use it every chance I get, and then immediately forget about it till someone else says it again. Such is life.

ITEM: fancy golf shorts (see amazing golf pose here)

I like these shorts, but unfortunately after about a week the front button popped off so they’ve been shelved. But I really dug ‘em, so I’ll definitely buy another pair after I lose this last 95 pounds (aka “the hardest to keep off.”)

ITEM: white Chuck Taylors

Ahhhhhh, my old standby, my #1 kicks! What can you say about these that hasn’t already been said by people less handsome than myself? Unlike my hopes and dreams, these are very much alive and kicking.

ITEM: brown tee shirt

An Xmastime staple like my brown polo, but less of a “showpiece” and more of a day-to-day workhorse. I’d be surprised if I’ve gone more than three days in a row without wearing this one. This shirt’s been there through my ups and downs and even lower downs and then frightening downs and then “where the *&^%$!@! am I??!!” downs. When I die they’ll hafta peel this thing off of me. That bit will probably get edited out by the powers that be at The Fashion Herald for sounding “too sexy,” but it is what it is.

And my bonus item: it works well if you wanna scare people into thinking you’re an attacking bear (with reading glasses.)

ITEM: New Balance running shoes.

These are great, I still wear them when I exercise. This year, I think it was on a Tuesday. From this pose I can only surmise that I also used the shoes to blind people so that I could sneak up and hug them. Ah, Xmastime: Bringin’ Somewhat Affectionate Displays of Friendship in Public Places Back!!!

So one day I walked into Foot Locker and got led around by the nose by a coupla ladies, and a year and a half later, I’m still wearing the stuff. I’d say so far Foot Locker gets an A+, and I got a feeling if we check in 18 months from now it’ll still be an A+.

PS – as for an update on how close I am to fitting into my “skinny jeans”: not very. Yeesh.