Monday, January 14, 2008

Xmastime Beginnith

Last week I went jeans shopping with our manny blogger Xmastime and his protege Lil Xmas. Recap? Xmastime is our New Year's resolution story. We'll be stalking him till he loses 10 inches off his waist. For incentive we bought him a pair of jeans, a la traditional girl dieting tactics, for him to diet down into. Here are the boys in Herald Square, pre and post-shopping:

Sweet, yes? I wish I had a photo of Xmastime's face when a Cambridge Members salesclerk said his jeans are custom made in Europe. Cambridge Members is also where Xmastime discovered Lil Xmas's penchant for bespoke suiting. Yes, Cambridge Members not only has custom suits for gentlemen, but also for the little guys. Thus, the price of their Italian jeans ($169) was not surprising (well, not to me). But we were all a little dubious about the name of the jeans splayed on the rear pocket: SuperRifle. Next stop, Macy's Herald Square.

Here we found INC jeans (right, $59) on the second floor of the men's department. The cut is stylish but not too slim, and the size is a good compromise: 33 waist. That gives Xmastime a little breathing room while maintaining his noble goal (32). These INC jeans have a good medium blue wash with a slight fade in the front. And the back pockets? Nice and plain for our American guys. But something tells me we'll be back at Cambridge Members one of these days for Lil Xmas.

Cambridge Members,
1270 Broadway @ 33rd
Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th