Friday, January 11, 2008

Almost a Shoe-In

The last day of the Shoe-Inn sale isn't bad. If you need some sandals or want satin Marc Jacobs moon boots (below, top) then I recommend a visit before 6:45pm. It closes at 7 and you'll need time to sort through boxes. Good news is prices have been further slashed and as I was leaving more shoe boxes were being unloaded. Bad news is the boots are pretty well picked through. Next time I'd go on the first day to get a great boot. But there are lots of Kors winter boots (below, bottom) in a size 10; a big 9 could fake it.

Comfortable, warm, waterproof and ugly fun. The Marc moon boot has been around for a while but I still would have bought it if my size (9) was available. There's only size "M" in black and yellow. There are also Tecnica moon boots.

Kors "Snowflake," warm, comfortable and stylish.

New pricing:
boots under $100 are now $49.99
boots over $100 are now $99.99
shoes under $50 are now $19.99
shoes over $50 are now $39.99
rain boots are $39.99
moon boots are $99.99

Shoe-Inn Sale, Hammerstein Ballroom, 311 W. 34th between 8th & 9th
today till 7pm


Anonymous said...

I was hoping prices would get cut. The rain boots would be perfect for today. Thanks for the heads up!